A Indústria 4.0: Tecnologia da Manufatura Aditiva e Bioprinting

Nicanor GA e Nakamoto FY


Due to the growing necessity of process and products even more different and customized, with productions demands in less time, the 4.0 industry supply this demand, bringing an interconnectivity concept between the physical world and the cyber physical world. Among the different sectors in the various different sectors of the industry, the bioengineering may be considered the one that most needs the versatility of the 4.0 industry, as each new patient has physical and physiological characteristics. The technology of the 3D Prints in the fast prototyping creation from the image capture and programming conversion in software and graphic computing, and the manufacturing materialization, helps the bioengineering with the bioprinting technology, replacing the ink for cells in the organs, velvets and prostheses customization.

Palavras-chaves: Industria 4.0, Manufatura Aditiva, Biopriting, Bioengenharia, Bioimpressão, Impressão 3D.