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title: Practical Aspects of Sustainability: A Discussion of product design with recyclable materials

author(s): Jesus, C.A.O. & Jacintho, J.C.

ABSTRACT: Sustainable development is one that can meet the needs of the present generation without compromising the resources needed by future generations (1). The industry represents a great agent in the pursuit of sustainable development, yet only 30% of these companies seek opportunities to invest in sustainability (2). The search for sustainable development associated to the increase in technological power has stimulated the use of raw materials that add greater value to products and that meet environmental, social and economic specificities. In Brazil 352 thousand tons of flexible packaging were consumed in 2014, including long-life packaging (3), which can be used as technological alternatives, mainly for the use of paper, polyethylene and aluminum compounds. The objective of this work is to evaluate a sustainable product design from the discussion of the design of a stool produced with low density polyethylene and aluminum composite, resulting from the recycling process of the long life packaging (Tetra Pak). The project adopts two methodological approaches: the first theoretical, through an exploratory bibliographical research, that works the fundamentals and applications of sustainability, product design planning and production processes, with a sustainable material resources and recycling. The second path works the practice, through a study of the modeling in SolidWorks model of a stool for future prototyping.

KEYWORDS: Sustainable Development, Sustainability, Sustainable Product Design, Recycling Process.

CITATION: Jesus,  C. A. O. & Jacintho J. C. Practical Aspects of Sustainability: A Discussion of product design with recyclable materials. The Academic Society Journal, 1(3) 123-130,2017. DOI:

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