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TITLE: Automation of the Coronary Artery Preparation Process for Atherosclerosis Studies

author(s): Gimenez Jr., G.A.A., Caporali, A.S. & Brincalepe, A.C.

ABSTRACT: This project proposes the development of a system for the improvement of gelatin injection in coronary arteries at the School of Medicine of the University of São Paulo (FMUSP). The system consists of an automatic injection device and a temperature controller - to keep the gelatin at a constant and adequate temperature. The coronary arteries are filled with gelatin to prevent collapse that would make the analysis process, that is performed after the dissection of the arteries of the heart, impractical. The device proposed here is a 'syringe pump', a microprocessed medical device which operates by means of a step motor coupled to a spindle, which propels the plunger of the syringe the temperature controller will take advantage of a Becker electric heater from the FMUSP research laboratory and will switch the device based on the temperature of the gelatin, captured through a temperature sensor. The expected result of the research is the successful development of these devices, which will increase effectiveness of the procedure, reducing the time and wastage of material in the process and maintaining a quality standard for conducting the atherosclerosis research.

KEYWORDS: Atherosclerosis, Coronary Artery, Medical Instrumentation, Automatic Injection.

CITATION: Gimenez,  J. G. A. A. , Caporali A. S. & Brincalepe A. C. Automation of the Coronary Artery Preparation Process for Atherosclerosis Studies. The Academic Society Journal, 1(4) 150-158, 2017. DOI:

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