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title: Reflection on Health Indicators for Atmospheric Chemical Pollutants

author(s): Dias, J. C., Dias, J. C & Zanotti, E.

ABSTRACT: Health and environmental indicators are already a reality in some countries that have invested in technology, qualification of personnel, design of government frameworks, revision of legislation and an interconnected computerized structural web that allows actions of monitoring, planning and control, through these indicators, at the national level. Brazil, following the guidelines of the Action Plan for Sustainable Production and Consumption (PSPC) program, has sought to implement actions for technological and personnel development with international standards, and has obtained surprising results, but it is still necessary to commit efforts to implement the computerized system of indicators, among the main government agencies. This work proposes, through a bibliographical review, a reflection of the parameters used to indicate the local pollution levels, as well as, the systems of warning to the population for respiratory protection measures. The results demonstrate a need to update the concepts on alert and measures to prevent the exposure of atmospheric chemical pollutants to population.

KEYWORDS: Health and environmental indicators, atmospheric chemical pollutants, respiratory protection measures

CITATION: Dias, J.C., Dias, J.C. & Zanotti E. Reflection on Health Indicators for Atmospheric Chemical Pollutants.  The Academic Society Journal, 2(3) 128-138, 2018. DOI:

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