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TITLE: Dynamics analysis of a single cylinder hermetic reciprocating compressor

AUThOR(s): Rangel, S.C., Navarro, H.A. “in memoriam” & Cabezas-Gómes l.

ABSTRACT: This paper describes a dynamic modelling of a hermetic compressor pump. The pump suspension system stiffness matrix is calculated with the suspension springs, taking into account the compressive, flexural and shearing rigidities of the springs. The model allows computing the dynamic, normalized modal, and characteristic frequency matrices, and also the displacement vector of the pump and the overall kinetic and elastic potential energies of the system due to shaking forces. The results include the dynamic behavior of a compressor pump showing time history displacements, rotations and resonance frequencies for a baseline configuration. It is also show the influence of the spring stiffness and positions, through parametric and optimization analyses.

KEYWORDS: Dynamic analysis, Hermetic reciprocating compressor.

CITATION: Rangel, S. C., Navarro H. A. & Cabezas-Gómes L. Dynamics analysis of a single cylinder hermetic reciprocating compressor.  The Academic Society Journal, 2(3) 139-155, 2018. DOI:

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