Case report: Auxiliary device for recreational use in a child with upper limb malformation, made by additive manufacture (3D printing).

Del Monaco ADM, Drigo ES, Lautert JCM, Margarido SS e Miyashiro TY


Patients with a deficiency in any member of body have difficulties in day-to-day activities, such as practicing recreational physical activities and, in case of children, play. Therefore, the aim of this project was to create a low cost and water resistant device that would help children with disabilities of the upper limb to have greater freedom and comfort when it comes to playing. Another important point, with customization that refers to characters of movies and comics, is to promote a significant improvement in self-esteem and in the relationship with other children, especially in school environment, reducing bulling and shame episodes. For this, a prototype mechanical device was created by additive manufacture (3D printing), customized with characteristics of "Iron Man" character of Marvel®.

Palavras-chaves: Upper limb malformation, deficiency, low cost personalized devices.