Study of weldability in junction of dissimilar materials using the welding process by conventional rotary friction

Monteiro PSP, Nakamoto FY e Santos GA


The objective of this project is to study the behavior of weldability, heat affected zone and thermal conductivity of the solid state junctions for various applications. The joints will be obtained through the conventional rotary friction (FW) process, combining the heat generated through the friction of two surfaces and bonding by hot forging, produced at temperatures lower than the melting temperature of the base materials. The results will be analyzed through mechanical stress tests such as tensile, compression, folding, Vickers microhardness, Charpy impact and metallographic. The strength of the joint will be analyzed given some input variables such as: friction time, forging pressure and speed of rotation.

Palavras-chaves: Weldability, Friction Welding, Solid State Junctions, Dissimilar Materials.