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TITLE: Internationalization and scientific dissemination in journals and scientific events

AUThOR(s): Bock, E.G.P. & Ponce, D.A.

EDITORIAL: In this issue of The Academic Society Journal, we are pleased to present relevant articles with high quality on Mechanics, Computing and Materials, as it has been commonplace in recent years. Also, with great honor, we present another guest to the journal Editorial Board, our Chilean friend from UFSC Blumenau, Daniel Alejandro Ponce Saldías.

During this editorial, a question arose: why not write it in English? In fact, parallel with the journal indexing processes, we are undergoing processes of internationalization. A similar phenomenon is occurring with the 4th Congress of Engineering and Applied Sciences in the Three Borders MEC3F-2019 ( that will take place in Foz do Iguaçu city, October 2nd and 4th. That counts with professors from Paraguay and Argentina not only in scientific commissions, but also in the event organization itself. 

It is worth mentioning that we will continue to receive manuscripts in Portuguese and Spanish, but we would like to encourage authors to submit articles in English, thus, increasing TASJ international visibility.

We hope that The Academic Society Journal continues to be a healthy alternative to publication and dissemination of open-access research in fields of "Mechanics, Computing and Materials".

Our doors are open!

CITAÇÃO / CITATION: Bock, E. G. P. & Ponce D. A. Editorial: Internationalization and scientific dissemination in journals and scientific events. The Academic Society Journal, 3(2) 119-120, 2019. DOI:

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