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TITLE: Journal Importance on free dissemination of researches and ideas

AUThOR(s): Lopes Jr., G.B. & Bock, E.G.P.

EDITORIAL: Science has been strongly linked to the ability to disseminate ideas in academia. In the advancing technological and information age, available capacity for ideas dissemination encompasses much more than congresses and events, giving air to faster ways for information to be disseminated. After all, once-limited information has reached every audiences, hungry for knowledge in an area. However, the breadth of these information bumps into two factors: first, which limits who can disseminate their ideas, since research remains hostage to prevailing rates/fees and their commercial interests, which culminate in surpassing academic interest; and second, the amount of information, without any qualitative criteria, contaminates the environment of truly relevant information. Despite slow progress, Open Access publishing medias increase slowly and become significant in the scientific world. This advancing scenario provides new journal initiatives which disseminate quality work at no fees, aiming only at the academic gain of these disclosures, eliminating some bottlenecks that hinder scientific advancement in certain areas. Thus, new ideas and results from serious researches have reaching notoriety in free Open Access magazines. In this context the TASJ is inserted. It started with an ambitious proposal: to create a no-fees Open Access magazine that could give visibility to quality research that previously could not be covered by the traditional journals. This has promoted, throughout this brief period of existence, dissemination of articles, whose ideas convey and enable scientific growth. The continuous process through the collaboration of volunteers has advanced, always focused on the qualitative evolution of the journal.


With ISSN register being the first step, Open Access magazine accreditation and future indexing, this bold initiative of a group of visionary and academic researchers have been consolidated. In this September 2019 edition, important works are highlighted in the three basic areas, coming from different regions and researchers to corroborate national and international science. The editorial board, represented here by us, thanks everyone involved in these articles, especially the reviewers who devoted hours of their time to help select and improve these articles. We invite you to be part of this history, and we believe that promising work and ideas should always be encouraged.  

CITATION: Lopes, J. G. B. & Bock E. G. P. Editorial: Journal Importance on free dissemination of researches and ideas. The Academic Society Journal, 3(3) 213-214, 2019. DOI:

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