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title: Development of face shields by rapid prototyping - a socio-sanitary approach in defense of health professionals against Covid-19 in São Paulo, Brazil

author(s): Del Monaco, A.D.M., Aidar, M.E.A.S., Augusto, E.A.G.S., Biasi, L.B.P., Camargo, R.C.S., Coelho, G.S.C., Leite, F.P.L., Losacco, S.C.L., Machado, E.M.P., Monteiro, M.S.M., Rodrigues, Y.B.R.E.S., Santineli, C.S.S., Silva, E.A.S.

ABSTRACT: Humanity is being affected by the SARS-CoV-2 beta-coronavirus since December 2019. This disease has caused a high mortality rate due to easy contagion in pandemic mundial scale. The transmission occurs from human to human, through respiratory droplets and contact with aerosol-infected surfaces. Anyone carrying the virus that is close (i.e. less than 1 meter) to another person’s eyes, nose or mouth, makes him/her susceptible because of direct contact with the contaminated particles he/she will have (e.g. by touching an infected surface and then touching the eyes, nose or mouth). Due to the risk of exposure to infection, given the forms of contamination by this virus and considering measures to control and protect against infections by health professionals, the Academic Rehabilitation League (LAR), formed by professors and students of the University Center of Americas, produced 400 facial protectors using 3D printing through models composed of polymer filaments, in addition to the acetate films visor and elastics for better fixation, these can be reused and sterilized easily. The masks were distributed free of charge to health professionals in the state of São Paulo, with the purpose of offering greater support, so that they can perform their work safely.

KEYWORDS: 3D Printing, Personal protective equipment, SARS-CoV-2 Coronavirus, COVID-19, Face Shields..

CITATION: Del Monaco, A.D.M. et al. Development of face shields by rapid prototyping: a socio-sanitary approach in defense of health professionals against Covid-19 in São Paulo, Brazil. The Academic Society Journal, 4(2), 123-130, 2020. DOI:

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