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TITLE: Simplified approach for simulating hermetic compressor startup regime

author(s): Falcetti, E.P., Gardenghi, A.R., Dietrich, A.B. & Cabezas-Gómez, L.

ABSTRACT: It is presented a hermetic compressor startup simulation procedure considering a simplified approach to obtain the transient data of different compressor parameters. The main numerical technique is a four order Runge-Kutta procedure to numerically integrate the systems of ordinary differential equations, which describe the variables’ variation with time in each part of the compressor. The simulations were performed in the Windali software. The results show how the oil viscosity influences the electrical motor torque, the compressor load and crankshaft angular velocity with time for two electric motor input voltage values. The increase of oil viscosity by a factor of 2, retards the compressor startup for more than one second. The presented simple model could be valuable for studying the geometrical and operational influence on compressor startup.

KEYWORDS: Hermetic compressor, Numerical simulation, Startup regime.

CITATION: Falcetti, E. P. et al. Simplified approach for simulating hermetic compressor startup regime. The Academic Society Journal, 5(1) 13-28, 2021. DOI:

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