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TITLE: Iatrogeny: Medical Technologies that can prejudice in patient treatment

author(s): Pivato, V.X. & Del Monaco, A.D.M.

ABSTRACT: Medical technology plays a fundamental role in supporting medical practices, from diagnosis to the patient's rehabilitation phase, but the iatrogenic potential of the equipment must also be admitted. Resumption of iatrogenesis in a damage, material or psychic that is emitted to the patient during medical treatment and opposite to medical error, this term is related to a necessary procedure for the improvement of the patient, being considered an inevitable fact, an investigation of the iatrogenic consequences generated equipment by doctors was indispensable to verify which factors can motivate this type of complication. The lack of basic infrastructure for the adaptation of devices in hospitals affected not only patients but also employees, the lack of training and investigation of technical problems are factors that directly influence this occurrence. This study addresses the subject in order to investigate the factors that are capable of causing iatrogenic consequences generated by medical equipment, it also points out problems that need to be investigated for improvement during use by health professionals, developing an analysis that makes it possible to assist in this. Problem in the hospital environment. Therefore, in order to carry out the study, the applied methodology was a bibliographic review, analyzing and collecting data on the risks caused by medical technology in the hospital environment, following the method, the search resulted in a few articles that included and emphasized the use of technologies medical, but after obtaining the data it was possible to develop two graphs that analyze the incidents that occurred and the impact of medical technologies on these incidents. In view of this, the present recommends the study through a hospital management the application of resources focused on medical technologies, with a specialist to identify problems. It is important to emphasize that an analysis of this theme is beneficial for the performance of managers, relating medical equipment to iatrogenic consequences.

KEYWORDS: Medical support, Iatrogeny, Iatrogenic consequences, Medical error, Hospital infrastructure.

CITATION: Pivato, V. X. & Del Monaco, A. D. M. Iatrogeny: Medical Technologies that can prejudice in patient treatment. The Academic Society Journal, 5(1) 56-65, 2021. DOI:

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