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TITLE: The science must remain science

AUThOR(s): Lopes Jr., G.B.

EDITORIAL: The society has been tested in many ways along all our short existence. After all the drastic events, we learn! Why we learn? What possibly we could learn? And when will we do it? These questions make us wonder the answers. Wars, warming, hunger, pandemics scenarios… the answers to the why-question. We are pressured to learn to solve an imminent problem that could vanish part (or entirely) our lives or lifestyle. But what we learn is different, we usually focus on the problem, not the cause. We usually discover the cause, sometimes how to prevent it, but hardly ever we prevent new causes. Our sense of administrating our future is poor, thinking only on what we would like to see in future, for different reasons, of course, but thinking about the willing, not about the needing. And this brings us to the when-question. And, my dear reader, I have no answer for you. We still learning very slowly. We still open to the odds on the information era and if I may tell you, the information era brought marvelous improvement on learning process, but it brought an entire ocean of concepts, ideas, information, thoughts, and knowledge. In 21st century, the information seems like knowledge, like truth, but it might be not. Are the new generations ready to distinguish them? Are they trying to develop critical filter eyes and the humility to reach wisdom? So many questions!? But how do we find what we sink for? Science is the answer. Science is able to clear the path, guide you and find something, not always what you want, but what you need. Science filter the ideas, focus the information, refute the false thoughts, and show us knowledge. Science brings us to reality, lightning the darkness of ignorance and purging the madness and false world created to satisfy our selfish needs, our comfort. It is not easy to break paradigms or rooted concepts, it is not simples as well nor it will bring a single truth. We split the ocean to remain in a sea, a huge sea of knowledge. An answer for the when-question: while science still being science! 

CITATION:Lopes, J. G. B. Editorial. The science must remain science. The Academic Society Journal, 5(3) 92, 2021. DOI:

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