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author(s): Trinidad, I.S., Junior, S.S.M., Rodrigues, G.M. & DelMonaco, A.D.M.

ABSTRACT: Anosmia, defined as complete loss of smell, is one of the clinical manifestations most common of COVID-19. Providing planning and organization in an effective treatment, in relation to the sequel caused by infection, being the focus and main sense of the research, the loss of smell caused by the Covid-19, SARS-CoV-2 virus, common observed feature when patient is exposed to virus, being considered a common symptom in clinical picture. Data will be  presented to emphasize the time of rehabilitation that can take up to a year to total recovery of the sense. Techniques and procedures in accomplishment of treatment for olfactory rehabilitation, along with a formalized explanation of how it is affected the olfactory sense when virus contacts patients. The application will address an interaction with patient through indicators and graphs, thus bringing information to patient to know the evolution during the treatment. It will be classified into groups possible classifications of odors. The data obtained will be stored internally in order to help build indicators that are increasingly accurate, to show the patient, focusing on knowing what the total period will be approximately the olfactory rehabilitation treatment. The economic Brazilian scenario was positive for Startups with an emphasis on Covid-19 rehabilitation treatment. Due to this great scenario, the development of a software to assist patients in treating the loss of smell is the focus of present project.

KEYWORDS: Olfactory loss, Treatment, Covid-19, anosmia, software.

CITATION: Trinidad et al. App for olfatory funtions rehabilitation in post covid19 patients. The Academic Society Journal, 6(3) 143-154, 2022. DOI:

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