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TITLE: evolution of invasive lung respirators for the covid-19 pandemic scenario 

author(s): Freire, A.B., Galdeano, G.M.K., Moreira, L.D. & DelMonaco, A.D.M.

ABSTRACT: The COVID-19 pandemic scenario brought to countless patients the need to use a pulmonary ventilator, which was highlighted as one of the most important resources in combating the coronavirus pandemic to support the lives of thousands of people. This study sought to present a historical-scientific overview of the mechanical ventilator and its importance for intensive care processes, especially with the advent of Coronavirus. A search was carried out in the databases of Scielo, Bireme, Medline, Lilacs, Academic Google, HBSCO, published in the period 2000 to 2021 and in the NCBI database within the central PubMed for the period from March 2020 to March 2021 Studies have shown that many ventilators have emerged over time with different interfaces that provide pulmonary support to critically ill patients. In view of these studies, several types and forms of ventilation were discovered, such as invasive and non-invasive ventilation, in addition to the types of ventilation cycles and some ventilation modalities. Patients who had severe pulmonary complications required this type of intensive care, however with the high demand for these respirators, rising dollar and logistical problems, biomedical engineering departments of institutions, research centers and universities developed and designed pulmonary support equipment. It could be observed that the pandemic brought a need for acceleration in the manufacturing processes of mechanical ventilators, and greater concern in producing this technology in national territory. The conclusion of this study was that there is a demand throughout the market's production chain for this type of technology, which brings the need for greater investment in research, innovation and infrastructure for the hospital technology segment.

KEYWORDS: Mechanical ventilator, mechanical ventilation, exhalation valve, respiratory assistance, intubation, life support, ICU, breathing cycle, coronavirus.

CITATION: Freire et al. Evolution of invasive lung respirators for the covid-19 pandemic scenario. The Academic Society Journal, 6(3) 189-199, 2022. DOI:

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