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TITLE: Internet of Things Gateway for industrial communication protocol

author(s): Vasconcelos, A.A., Carneiro, J.V.P., Santos, V.C.G. & Santos, B.J. 

ABSTRACT: The industrial sector usually suffers with the high cost of equipment and the high payback of them, in other words, the time in which the profits brought by the equipment will cover the amount initially spent is high, which can be a big problem since this sector is in constant development and evolution, new technologies appear all the time aiming to optimize the industrial processes. Taking this scenario into account, the project aims to unite low-cost hardware and software in order to leverage industrial technologies that do not have connectivity, thus making the data from them available in a cloud, for managerial access and quick decision-making, in a safe, fast and efficient way. Data are acquired through the Modbus TCP protocol on a raspberry with the aid of the “Py modbus” library, are sent to an AWS cloud through the MQTT protocol and its respective broker, finally displayed in a web environment in dashboard format using from Node.JS (a programming language that allows a robust, lightweight and flexible application)1. The project was implemented in an industrial place containing an extruder and seven frequency inverters, there was testing and acquisition of various data, thus, the response time in the system was monitored and considered satisfactory in terms of cost benefit.

KEYWORDS: Gateway; Internet of Things (IoT); Industry 4.0; MQTT; Broker.

CITATION: Vasconcelos et al. Internet of Things Gateway for industrial communication protocol. The Academic Society Journal, 6(2) 128-140, 2022. DOI:

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